Meet ten year old Kesya Lili from Kalimantan who is being treated for Rhabdomyosarcoma at RS Dharmais. She is the oldest of three children and her father works as a labourer in a textile company in Jakarta.

When Kesya was first admitted at Dharmais in June she had a tumor the size of a tennis ball over her eye.  With the help of YMCKK she was able to commence chemotherapy immediately and the tumor has now disappeared  – what a miracle!   Kesya still needs lots of love to get her through her chemo protocol which will take another 6-9 months but wants to thank Werkgroep72 for helping her family buy the medication she needed to start her chemo treatment.

Women from the British Women Association and students from the British School Jakarta enjoying cuddling the premature babies at Cipto hospital in Jakarta.


MCKK would like to thank the Australia New Zealand Association (ANZA) for knitting these gorgeous beanies for the children at Dharmais hospital, Jakarta.  Happy faces and smiles all around as the children put on their new beanies.  Many children feel very conscious about losing their hair due to chemotherapy so the beanies were well received.

YMCKK would like to thank Vita and her team at Persegi Creative Work for generously painting the murals on the PICU (Paediatrics Intensive Care Unit) walls at Dharmais hospital.  The PICU has been named Wijaya Kusuma after the flower which Vita painted on the entrance of the PICU facility.

A big thanks to students and teachers from the Jakarta International School for assisting with the mural as well.

We are extremely excited to announce that we have changed our name officially to Yayasan Mari Cintai Kanak-Kanak (YMCKK), which translates as “Let’s Love the Children”. Read more on Now Jakarta.

NOW Jakarta article

We visited RS Dharmais last week and made waffles with the kiddies! All the kids loved the fun activity as you can see from the photos.
Waffle making
Six year old Ahmad Dzaki from Padang is on his second round of chemo but enjoyed eating a waffle.
Wahmad Dzaki
Lena is 7 years old from Subang and has rhabdomyoblastoma (a highly malignant tumor arising in striated muscle) but that didn’t stop her from making a waffle.


Nuristiqomah is from Medula and is being treated for brain cancer.   She is 11 yrs old and misses her friends at school so was glad to join the waffle making activity with Mary’s Cancer Kiddies.  
MCK would like to thank the students from the British School Jakarta for coming to RS Dharmais and helping the children make waffles.

A big THANK YOU to Bonnie and Sahba from the British School, Jakarta, for all their efforts in raising money for the PICU/HCU at Dharmais Hospital.  They raised Rp180 million through their HAIR FOR YOU fundraising campaign. The money will be used to purchase medical equipment required for the Paediatrics Intensive Care Unit (PICU) in the children’s ward at Dharmais Hospital.

Bonnie and Sahba after

Bonnie and Sahba with two children who have cancer after shaving their hair

Bonnie and Sahba before

Bonnie and Sahba with some of the children from Dharmais before the HAIR FOR YOU event

Fathan is six years old and has just recently been diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer but doctors were unable to start with his chemotherapy treatment as he was malnourished.

Mary’s Cancer Kiddies were able to buy special milk for Fathan so he could put on weight. After 2 weeks of assistance, he is looking much better and now, able to start with chemo.

Fathan Gizinya jelek

Fathan coming out from his IT scan)

Fathan after

Fathan 2 weeks later pictured with Dr Tanti – looking much better and now, able to start with chemo.

Mary’s Cancer Kiddies’ are helping to pay medication for three and a half year old Aska pictured here with his Mother. Aska is from Pontianak and has testicular cancer.  He is receiving treatment at RS Dharmais.

Congratulations to Chris Birt for completing the half ironman challenge in 5 hours and 44 minutes – WELL DONE Chris!

Donate here:https://en.kitabisa.com/chrisbirt

MCK were delighted to show Chris’ wife, Jacquie, around the children’s ward at RS Dharmais recently. Pictured below, Jacquie met 6 year old Chairul who has recently started chemotherapy treatment for AML Leukaemia.